Specialty Products

I use the best, most effective products available for the skin

I carry (and use in my facials) the full collection of Matis-Paris products for both men and women, broken down into targeted lines

  • Réponse Jeunesse
  • Réponse Corrective
  • Réponse Premium
  • Réponse Intensive
  • Réponse Yeux (for the eyes)
  • Réponse Pureté
  • Réponse Delicate
  • Réponse Vitality
  • Réponse Blanche
  • Réponse Homme (Men’s products)
  • Réponse Corps (for the body)

In addition, I carry the AnteAGE® System from Cellese with Stem Cytokines™ & Anti-Aging properties

  • Serum (#1) with Stem Cytokines™
  • Accelerator (#2) with Stem Cytokines™

KERACELL® is another incredible skin care line with human stem cell properties

  • Produced with Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell (MHCsc)™
  • Products for face and body

If you are new to CBD skin care products, try the new BB Lifestyle collections!

  • Formulated with HC56Complex™
  • Gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan products
  • Two different collections for different lifestyle practices

To optimize your Beauty Regiment, add this pharmaceutical food formulation for skin

  • Advanced Connective Tissue Fomula from COLLAGEN M.D.®
  • Tangerine flavor or unflavored availible