Specialty products

I use the best products available for your skin. I have the full line of Matis-Paris products for both men and women, including:

  • Reponse Jeunesse
  • Reponse Corrective
  • Reponse Premium
  • Reponse Intensive
  • Reponse Yeux
  • Reponse Purity
  • Reponse Delicate
  • Reponse Vitality
  • Reponse Blanche
  • Reponse Men’s
  • Reponse Body

I also have AnteAge from Cellese with Stem Cytokines & Anti-Aging

  • Nature’s Fountain of Youth Rejuvenates Aging Skin
  • Serum with Stem Cytokines
  • Accelerator with Stem Cytokines

To optimize your Beauty Regiment I add this pharmaceutical food formulation for skin:

  • Advanved Connective Tissue Fomula by COLLAGEN M.D.