Matis Promotions

Matis MultiMasking Beauty Kit and Matis Vanity Beauty Promotion

Matis Paris is almost always offering amazing product promotions for the face, the body, and for men’s products

These special offers make great gifts for someone you know…or a treat for yourself! Promotions are offered at a greatly discounted price, and often include a bonus item such as a cosmetic bag or special product applicator.

All products included in promotions are full retail sizes unless specified otherwise.

Current Matis Promotions:

  • Cleanser & Toner Duo’s: Currently available in three product lines: Réponse Delicate, Jeunesse, & Pureté (400ml each – twice the normal retail amount!)
  • Corrective Christmas Box: Hyaluronic Performance Cream (included for free!) + Hyaluronic Performance Serum + Black Gift Box
  • Elegant Densify Set: Densifiance Day Cream + Densifiance Serum (included for free!) + White Gift Box
  • Corrective Cosmeceutical Set: Hyaluronic Performance Toner + Lift Performance Cream + Matis Face Renew 100 (included for free!) + Silver Pouch

 For promotion prices and values, and for purchasing, please contact my office.