Matis – Men

Matis men products-smallThe Matis solution

Specially designed for men’s skin, the new basic and specific RÉPONSE HOMME formulas are unique. They combine the excellence of the most high-performance active ingredients with the most attractive textures.

For whom? Why?

For all men looking to combine results and well-being when it comes to taking care of their skin.

The beauty results

The face is brightened in just a few minutes: the skin is healthy, hydrated* and glowing. The light textures are easily absorbed in a few strokes, leaving a shine-free finish.

The star product

Global Anti-Aging Active Cream: A comprehensive, high-performance treatment, this skin care cream for men with anti-aging properties helps to fight the signs of skin aging and reinforce the natural capacities of the skin. The skin is hydrated*, evened out and protected. It appears visibly younger.

Matis personalised product lines for men

Specific skin care

  • Anti-aging active cream
  • Moisturizing shine control
  • Eye reviving gel
  • Abdo design

Soins basiques

  • Shower gel 2 in 1
  • Daily exfoliating cleanser
  • After-shave balm
  • Deodorant alcohol-free roll-on

* of superficial layers of the epidermis