I carefully choose the most natural, effective, and cutting-edge products available for my clients

I personally try almost every product that I use professionally and sell to my clients. My most popular product lines and most the products I use in my facials are produced by Matis. This French skin care line of holistic body and skin care products is formulated for all skin types by using the latest technology.

The Matis line is considered one of the finest in all of Europe. All Matis products are made exclusively in Paris, France at the Matis Laboratory. New ingredients and technologies are developed in collaboration with the French National Scientific Research Center and are clinically tested.

The Concept

Classical Parisian professional skin care for face and body, with high-performance formulas with outstanding compositions and fragrances, and specific, innovative treatment protocols.

The Matis Story

Founded in 1936 with pharmacist Dr. Mavromati, Matis is an internationally renowned company present in more than 70 countries with over 80 years of expertise, with scientific support from its Research and Development laboratory.

The Science

Innovative formulations and award-winning brand (over 15 cosmetic awards). Each formula is developed by an exclusive Matis Paris lab, located in the outskirts of Paris.  A synergistic combination of Skin, Science, and Senses offers more skin replenishment and effectiveness that touches the body and soul.

Matis Product Lines

The Face

The Body

Men’s Care

Other Skin Care Product Lines



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